Behind the Scenes: Four Seasons of Styling

Dutch Still Life Winter - Bandrowski

Well, this is long overdue… Back in August Kat McEachern interviewed me for Rue Daily. I had the chance to talk about my approach to styling and how I developed the concept and executed the styling for Melanie Abrantes’s Winter 2018 collection. The Dutch Still Life inspired shoot was photographed by the ever talented Melanie Riccardi.

How did the idea for this shoot get started?

The concept for an art themed shoot came from Melanie Abrantes. She had been intrigued by the idea of having me recreate recognizable masterworks through styling. We met at the farmers market earlier this summer to talk through the idea and while we stood at a fruit stand over these vibrant yellow watermelon slices we came to the mutual thought of Dutch still lives. The notion came to us while surrounded by these gorgeous locally grown fruits and vegetables and while looking around I thought let’s modernize the still life and make it personal to your life experience. We talked through the events and rituals that for Melanie are reminiscent of each season. The idea was both collaborative and really personal which allowed for each season to become very representational. The overall process of bringing an idea to reality – whether it be for a photograph, interior or even a film for me is creatively very satisfying.

To read the full interview on Rue Daily and to see some behind the scenes photos of the shoot follow this link


Client - Melanie Abrantes Designs
Photographer - Melanie Riccardi
Art Director and Stylist - Genevieve Bandrowski
Interview By - Kat McEachern

Genevieve Bandrowski